Research & Economic Development

Office of the Vice Chancellor

RAC Member Directory

Name Position/Unit
Lawrence Dreyfus, Chair Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development,  email
Loyce Caruthers Associate Professor, Educational Leadership, Policy & Foundations, email
Reza Derakhshani Associate Professor, Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, email
Brenda Dingley Director, Scholarly Communications, email
Robert Groene Associate Professor, Music Education/Therapy, email
Chris Holman Professor, General Law, email
Mark Johnson Professor and Chair, Oral Biology, email
Anil Kumar Professor and Chair, Pharmacology and Toxicology, email
Jenny Lundgren Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology, email
Paula Monaghan-Nichols Associate Dean of Research, School of Medicine
Peter Morello Associate Professor, Communication Studies, email
James Murowchick Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences, email
Jeffrey Price Associate Professor, Biological Sciences email
Cindy Russell Professor, School of Nursing email
Kathleen Kilway Faculty Senate
TBD Henry W. Bloch School of Management
TBD Staff Member
Ex Officio: Barbara Bichelmeyer Provost
Ex Officio: Anthony Caruso Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research
Ex Officio: Maureen Hannoun Director of Sponsored Programs, Office of Research Services
Ex Officio: Chris Winders Director, Office of Research Compliance
Ex Officio: Denis Medeiros Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Ex Officio: Bob Simmons Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration
Ex Officio: Eric Anderson Director, Office of Technology Commercialization
Administrative Support: Leslie Burgess Executive Staff Assistant to Vice Chancellor Dreyfus