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Submit Your Research for IBC Review

Protocols must be received, including the signed application form, by the IBC Compliance Officer in the Research Compliance Office two full weeks before a scheduled IBC meeting to be included on the meeting agenda.

IBC Application

For new protocols, significant scientific amendments, and for 3-year protocol renewals only the current application forms are acceptable.

In May 2011, IBC also implemented specific training requirements using CitiProgram online courses. Details on course requirements for new and for 3-year renewal protocols are described in the updated Application form.

Approved Protocols provide authorization for three years, with the requirement for annual continuation and for interim amendments in case of changes in research or personnel.

Depending on the type of research, approvals by other UMKC compliance committees such as IACUC, IRB, or RSC may be required before research can be initiated.

Supporting Documentation

Depending on the type of research, complete one or more appendices (A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4).

Recombinant DNA 
A-1 Form & (Exempt or Non-Exempt)
Also see NIH guidelines

Biosafety Level 2 or 3 Infectious Agents, Select Agents, and Biological Toxins
A-2 Form

Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) Containment Measures
A-3 Form

Human Bloodborne Pathogens and Other Potentially Infectious Material
A-4 Form

If your research involves Human Gene Transfer, please contact the IBC administrator.